Flyer Released!

After an initial “soft launch” this past week, I’m happy to report the Flyer internet modem is now available for general sale!

For anyone definitely planning to purchase one, please note that I’m producing the Flyer in small batches initially. The first draft of the manual is available on the product page so you can get a good overview of what is currently possible with the Flyer. And as mentioned in previous posts, the Flyer firmware can be easily and safely upgraded over the internet, and many more features are planned for future updates.

You can also stop by the “official” companion site for the Flyer, commodoreONLINE, which provides cloud storage services for the Flyer. It’s 100% free, and will provide a few features you might even want to use even if you don’t have a Flyer, such as the D64/D71/D81 disk editor that just came online this past weekend.

As promised, the “cloud SDK” will be posted shortly, as soon as I write up a bit of documentation. This is simply a PHP class that will help you decode/encode the data packets exchanged with the Flyer, as well as providing a few additional utility functions. This will allow anyone to add support for the Flyer to their own websites. If you have a Flyer and want to experiment with this now, just contact me.

Thanks for reading. As usual, any and all feedback is welcomed!