It Lives!

I’m happy to report the prototypes work beautifully!

The first two prototypes were assembled a couple of days ago, but I decided to hold off posting photos until my backordered IEEE-488 connectors arrived (this morning – finally!).

A few minor tweaks will be made before ordering production boards (with red solder mask), including the addition of a trim pot for adjusting the display contrast and possibly switching to a vertically mounted IEEE-488 connector to keep a slimmer profile (and allowing the standard IEEE-488 cabling to run towards the back of the device instead of to the front – see next photo).

Relaxen und watchen das blinkenlights…

The bulk of my time will now be spent wrapping up the initial release firmware (can be updated via the internet), getting documentation put together, writing sample applications, etc. As promised, I will include some detailed information about both the hardware and software in an upcoming post.

I’m trying as hard as I can to make Flyer as powerful and easy to use as possible, and there’s already some pretty cool stuff I can’t wait to share!

Flyer Prototype PCBs

Shiny new prototype PCBs arrived today from Silver Circuits, and I will assemble the first couple of Flyer prototypes over the next day or two. Results will be posted here, good or bad 🙂

Fire up the Weller…

Flyer (link coming when I have a proper page set up) is a peripheral for Commodore 8-bit computers providing both internet connectivity and drive emulation.

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Grand Opening!

Welcome to!

This site will feature information on various retro-computing projects (mostly Commodore-related) I’m working on in my spare time, including Flyer,  a combination internet modem and drive emulation peripheral compatible with the entire line of Commodore 8-bit computers including the PET. I’ll be posting more detailed information on that one soon.

You can also expect to find general information on interfacing with older computers, repair tips & utilities, source code, and any other “techie stuff” I feel might be useful/interesting to the Commodore community, and which hasn’t already been covered extensively by the many excellent sites and forums out there.

I hope you’ll find something interesting here, and thanks for stopping by!