Why No Updates?

Some of you may have noticed the slowdown in updates, along with the ongoing unavailability of the Flyer and might be wondering what’s going on? Rest assured, I’m as committed as ever to the Flyer and related development!

I just completed an interstate move which has had me scrambling for the past couple months (side note – if you’ve ever wondered how to safely box your vintage computers for shipment/storage, this stuff is fantastic).

I was also dealing with a parts shortage for the Flyer, and during that downtime I started getting enough interest for future orders that I decided to look into automated assembly (each Flyer I’ve shipped to date has been hand assembled). I just received a photo of the first one “off the line” to verify parts placement, etc, and everything looks great. I expect they’ll be sent out within a couple days.

Additionally, I should be back on software and firmware development by the end of the week. I’ve received a lot of GREAT feedback over the past couple of months, and I have some surprises in store as well!

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me, and thanks for your continued interest in the Flyer!