Flyer 1.2.0 Firmware

Firmware version 1.2.0 is now available for the Flyer. Simply type the following command on your Commodore to instruct the Flyer to download and install the latest firmware:

It is now possible to stream disks over the network! This is accomplished by downloading a small disk shortcut to the Flyer instead of an entire image.

commodoreONLINE fully supports this exciting new feature. Updated versions of the cloud server are also available for immediate download.

To request a streaming disk shortcut, add an additional argument (“,r”) when loading a disk onto the Flyer:

load"disk:Blue Max,r",7

This indicates the disk should be remotely mounted. A very small shortcut file will be downloaded and stored on the Flyer instead of the entire disk image. Otherwise, it will appear and function just as any other disk managed by the Flyer (you can switch between both local and remote mounted disks with the button as usual).

Note there is a limit of 32 disks that can be managed by the Flyer at any one time, even though the Flyer is capable of storing many more shortcuts as they are only 4K each. This limit may be lifted in the future.

When modifying a streamed disk, the changes are not automatically copied to the original disk – the disk must be saved first. This mirrors the usage pattern of standard downloaded disks. The “,r” does not need to be specified when saving a streaming disk back to a cloud account:

save"disk:Blue Max",7

It is also possible to perform a temporary remote mount as follows:

open7,7,15,"r-m:Blue Max":close7

At this point (assuming the disk was found), the disk will be mounted for read-only access (“REMOTE MOUNT” will be displayed on the LCD). Pressing the button on the Flyer will unmount the disk automatically and return the Flyer to normal operation.

You can also unmount a temporarily mounted disk with the following command: